Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm Back.

Long time, no post.... let me explain. 

Last October (2013) I signed up to be a Stampin Up Demonstrator....  My upline, fabulous Sandy Fleming, explained that Stampin Up was pretty strict about their demonstrators using non-stampin up products.  Of course I didn't want to violate any rules, and jeopardize my 20% discount.  SO I stopped posting.  :(  super sad. 

ANYWAY - It turns out I'm more of a "Hobby Demo" - I don't really have time to sell Stampin Up products to anyone else, and I manage to meet the quarterly minimums myself by feeding my addiction to quality cardstock and paper punches.  So, I figured, if I'm not actively selling any type or brand of product to other people - I'm not really representing the company, and therefore, not violating the demo agreement.  Logic.  Gold star for me.  (if your logic is different, I can't hear you **puts fingers in ears**)

My addiction to YouTube has probably quadrupled.  I look forward to seeing what everyone else is doing, what products they are using, and how I can apply those techniques to my own cards.  I've started to "save up" the weekly videos, so I can watch them while I'm on the treadmill @ the gym.  It makes the time go faster - and I can combine something I love (crafting) with something I loathe (exercise).   So far, so good...  as long as Kristina Werner, Jennifer McGuire, Sandy Allnock and Darlene Dvries keep posting new videos - I might be able to work off some of this jiggle.  *fingers crossed*

Which brings me to my latest enthrallment - OnlineCardClasses.  Dude.  Love them.  Click the link, sign up for a class or two, you'll love it.  I promise.  A few weeks ago I took my first online card class: Copic Markers for Card Makers, and was super impressed with all the designers and techniques.  Great materials, great videos, overall - I just loved it.   I've taken a few copic classes in person and watched a TON of youtube videos...  this class, was by far the most comprehensive and interesting that I have taken to date.    I'll say it again.  LOVED IT!  These videos definetly make the treadmill time go faster!

When taking an "interactive" class (the first week or two the class is live) you can post comments/questions and pictures of your own creations; and the teachers/designers will respond.  After the class "ends" - it converts to an "independent" class, which means you won't be able to post comments/quesitons or pictures, but you can watch all the class videos and browse all the content that was posted during the interactive portion of the class. 

So here I am - feeling left out because I "can't" post pictures on the onlinecardclass bulletin board because I've stopped adding to my blog because I'm a Stampin Up Demo and I don't want to lose my discount on awesome cardstock.  But I figure I've got it all worked out - see logic outlined in above paragraph two... 

NOW that i've worked out the Amanda Logic - I am going to start posting again.  Even if I'm the only one that reads this blog.  I'm pretty funny - I will entertain myself.  :)

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