Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Product Envy

I had one of those "I Need, I Want, I Have to Have" moments.  *sigh*  Again. 

haha, you laugh, but seriously....  this happens all the time.  I really should stop watching YouTube! 

The latest, greatest, stamping tool is now on my Wish List.  What is it? 

Well, it's only the "Most Incredible Stamping Tool Invented" or just MISTI for short.  I'm serious.  That's what it's called.  :)  The person who developed this fabulous tool used to make them herself; and now, because it's the most awesomest tool ever and demand is so high, she now has these manufactured by a third party. Here is a link to her facebook page, pure awesomeness and she has lots of videos on YouTube too... of course.  :) 

I will probably place my own order sometime after my next payday.... gotta pay off the last of the Christmas bills first.  I can't wait to get one of these!  It's going to make bulk card orders and precision stamping SOOOOO much easier.  I think the price is super reasonable - especially if I consider how many headaches  I am going to avoid, how much card stock I will save, and how neat and clean my final projects will look.  Plus, Jennifer McGuire has already raved about it, so I am pretty much jumping on the MISTI Bandwagon before I even get it in my hands.

 Yep - My cart is already loaded and ready to go... come on payday....

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